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Subject To Change Bluegrass Band

  Subject To Change Bluegrass Band     Bio.  Current Band Members


Jarrod Sellers- Bass

Jarrod Sellers is the anchor of the group holding the timing rock solid with his powerful bass playing. He has been around bluegrass music all of his life and had a true passion for the traditional bluegrass sound. As well as laying down some driving bass, Jarrod also takes care of the band’s sound equipment. He makes his home in Conway, South Carolina. Jarrod is an excellent musician and one of the best bassists in bluegrass today.



Mickey Sellers - Baritone Vocal / Banjo

Mickey Sellers provides the band with the hard-driving banjo sound that really projects the energy of the band. His playing is the perfect combination of Crowe and Scruggs style picking creating a unique sound of his own. Mickey has been around bluegrass music for all of his life and has played with many bands including: The Pilgrims, The Sounds Of Grass, and The Bluegrass Generations. Mickey handles all of the band’s booking matters. He also makes his home in Conway, South Carolina

Ken Scoggins Lead, Tenor, Baritone and Rhythm Guitar

Ken Scoggins is a veteran bluegrass musician whose singing style is reminiscent of first generation bluegrass musicians.  Ken has traveled extensively throughout the U.S. performing for receptive crowds at many of the nation’s larger bluegrass venues. Ken is a BMI affiliated songwriter and performs and records with his '54 Martin D-28 and '53 Martin D- 18, guitars. The '54 was purchased several years ago from John R. Bowman. John played the instrument while a member of Allison Krauss and Union Station.
Greg Abercrombie - Vocals; Lead, Tenor, Baritone and Rhythm Guitar
Greg didn't start playing the guitar until his mid thirties and didn't start playing and singing Bluegrass until his early forties.  He is a Retired United States Army Veteran with 24 years of military service and a single father of three.  He helped to start the group " Blue Ridge Junction" and played with the group for 4 years before moving on to the "Subject To Change Bluegrass Band".  He loves performing to various crowds and winning them over to his genre of music, which is Bluegrass.  He makes his home in Florence, South Carolina.
Thomas "Garrett" Abercrombie - Fiddle

Garrett started playing fiddle at the age of 11 and was taught the basics in his elementary school's music program. His first appearance was with a former band (Blue Ridge Junction) at the Historic "Music Barn" in Mineral Springs, North Carolina. Garrett enjoys playing Bluegrass and has developed his fiddling style from listening to Kenny Baker. Garrett tries to emulate Baker's style in every way possible and strives for quality and perfection. Garrett has also recieved fiddle lessons from one of the best all-around musicians in Bluegrass music, Greg Luck. Luck has greatly improved Garrett's fiddling during the past year. Garrett's "can do" attitude and knowledge on his instrument has given him great confidence on his fiddle breaks, back up work, and fiddle tunes. He hopes to help his band achieve a great, recognizable sound by adding his fiddle with the other instruements and vocals. He is one of the best young fiddlers in the area and makes his home in Florence, South Carolina.